my husband is bored with me

Well, I agree, that sounds just awful.

The things people ask here. Just above that question was a question about the live sex cam action. I am often amazed at what people are looking for, and why this blog, of all blogs, gets asked these questions. Oh well, enquiring minds…

So, your husband is bored with you. Well, there is a genetic imperative for your husband’s genes to want to spread themselves far and wide – after all the planet so needs more people just like him. Right?

Makena has found a new foster parentDon’t worry about trying to make yourself less boring to him, concentrate on being more interesting to you. It’s all about you, you, you in this instance. One of our friends emailed us tonight. She’s screaming through Kampala on the back of a motorcycle, arms clutched around a young cycleman-iac, on her way to see the gorillas in Uganda, after camping beside the Nile and snorkelling off Zanzibar. Our friend is in her 50’s. She’s recently adopted this elephant. Yes, that’s right, she’s adopted an elephant.

Now is it possible your husband might find our friend interesting? Of course he would. She’s spoken for now, as a solo mother with a baby elephant named Makena, so your husband will have to find some excitement somewhere else.

OK – so, you can’t go the Africa, you can’t foster an elephant, and the walls are closing in.

First, go make yourself a cup of tea. Not coffee, tea. But before you do, carefully and intentionally wash the cup, scour it with salt, and then rinse it. Use very fresh water (run the tap for a while) and boil it. Pour the water on the tea, leave it to infuse for exactly 2.5 minutes and then enjoy it, paying attention to the flavours and sensations. No milk. No sugar. Just tea. When you have finished, use any left over water to wash the cup and carefully dry and put everything away.

There now. You’ve taken a micro moment for yourself, and participated in your very own tea ceremony. How interesting.

Now, go invest in a journal – a cheap notebook will do, a lovely journal from Mark Bernstein will be just succulent. Write about the experience. Draw the cup of tea. Use the tea to write with. Do it again tomorrow.

Now, of course, your husband will think you’re mad. That’s ok, as long as it stays safe for you, but he’s no longer going to be bored with you because you’ve moved on. You’re in the process of starting to discover you.

And now the big step is to tell your story. Go on. What is it? What is it about you? What is your story? You could blog it. It’ll change your life.

You can foster an elephant or a rhino, oline, right now! Don't wait!!Have a cup of tea once a day, and while you wait for it to cool, write down your story. Stop when you’ve drunk your tea. Do it every day for a month. Don’t judge it, just do it. By the end of the month I guarantee you’ll no longer be boring.

By the end of a year you might be searching for a nice elephant to foster. And yeah, I can help you with that too. Just click on one of the elephant pictures. There’s a nice young elephant or rhino, with a heart the size of Africa, just waiting to meet you. Oh, and by the way, you don’t have to go to Africa to foster, you can do it using the comfort of your own credit card, online. What are you waiting for? Get on with it!


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